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Hello i am dropshipping from a seller who has  90 variants 6 different ship countries with a lot of different couriers and prices, if i put the product from oberlo and start my website will i have those shipping methods/prices/couries automatically imported>? or i need to put them manually?

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Hi @b1l4r4s! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


First of all, I'm curious to know what you're planning on selling and why you chose Oberlo as the platform to look for a supplier for it. I'm asking because you might be concerned about shipping times depending on what the product you're sourcing out is. While Oberlo has a great many features, you are limited to selections that mostly come from China, and so you  might encounter issues in terms of the speed of the shipping of the item. But then again, I don't know what you're selling and what your business set up is. Regardless, what ever that product may be, I'd like to invite you to check out Spocket! We might have the item you're planning on selling and based on what your dropshipping set up is (shipping from and shipping to), the products on our catalog ship fast, usually around 3-5 days


Regarding your question, it imports automatically in a sense that an "Import List" is provided for you and should you be satisfied with the details and pricing of the items you want to sell, then by default, these information will be the one used and what will appear on your store. However, this wouldn't prove beneficial for you as the "Import List" and the freedom to edit the information of the product you want to sell is what helps you make a profit. This is how the "Import List" page looks like on Spocket:




It's highly recommended you edit manually as the information you set is the catalyst for how much sales you make for your store. You can either offer free shipping but then add the most expensive shipping cost to the retail price, or you can just set flat rate via your Shopify account. Here's a link to the help center video on Spocket's website to help you understand this process more: Customize your Products


Hope you consider Spocket as an option to source out from for the item you have in mind - we offer thousands of products from suppliers based in the EU and the US so quality of the products we have are topnotch and to reiterate, have faster and more efficient shipping times due to the geographical set up. Please feel free to reach out if you have clarifications!