Shipping Zone by Zip Code that Does Not Require Real-Time Shipping Calculator

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I'm looking to add shipping zones based on zip code.  In some other topic streams Shopify Guru's have recommended the Postcode Shipping Extension and Better Shipping apps, but they both require the Real Time Carrier Calculator Shipping.  We offer flat shipping fees and create our shipping labels via a third party integration with Netsuite. 


Does anyone know of any apps that don't need the Real Time Carrier Calculate Shipping?

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We have the same need, but for a different purpose. I'd like to create a specific manual shipping rate called "Employee Pickup" that is only available for orders where the shipping address is the Zip+5 that includes our store.


In this way, employees can order with a discount code and not have to pay for shipping.


@Lexi_C You may be able to adapt this script to hide or reveal specific shipping rates based on Zip Code:




I don't know if either of you are still looking at creating subzones with custom rates, but this can be done using Intuitive Shipping. You can create as many subzones as you would like, and create any type of rate that you would like. Flat fee, free, or even offer live rates to only some of them. Please let me know if you have any questions!





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