Shipping & Custom with FedEx PLT

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I was wondering if someone has a smart idea/ recommendation for us:

We need to create a better setup for our shipping labels.

Following setup:
- Order via Shopify (of course ) to customers in Germany
- Our partner gets the fulfilment request (based in UK) and creates the ordered product
- they prepare the shipping (printing the labels) under our name (our name & their address for pick up on the shipping label)
- Own FedEx account (our own) with dedicated rates

What needs to be created:
- Let our partner print the label from our Fedex account  without typing in all shipping details by hand
- Paperless custom details transferred via FedEx, filled with our buying price (not the selling price)

>> We need to declare our buying price in order to pay the right amount to the customs (specially after Brexit), but we can´t add this in paper to the box as our customer shouldn´t see our buying price)

 I had a look on several apps so far, but all of them seemed to miss an element.

Really looking forward to hear your ideas!

thank you so much