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Hi a new store I am working on basically has 4 different size/weight items which will require different shipping charges.

But for instance If someone ordered 2x item A and 1x item B the shipping costs would be the same as if they had just ordered 1x item B.

Is there a way to "combine"/"deduct" the charges so the buyer would only pay the single B charge rather than a charge for item A twice and a charge for item B on top of it making the shipping too expensive?

This is within the UK and will only ship initially within the UK.

Many thanks in advance dp

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Hey @VoltaCreative,

Without an app, unfortunately this isn't possible. Shopify only offers shipping profiles which are product-based shipping costs. There is no logic settings with their shipping settings. Aside from using an app (ours, Intuitive Shipping does this + we offer a 'Starter' plan for new stores for $14.99) you may be able to use a discount that can only be applied over a predetermined cart total. This wouldn't apply to the shipping section, however, so your customers would still be charged more than you would like and this could cause them to abandon their cart. 

I hope this helps!

Warm regards,

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