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I have a problem with shipping rates for my new store.

I sell prints that are available in 3 different sizes which I ship in 3 different packages (2 sizes of rigid envelopes for the 2 smaller prints and 1 size of tube mailer for my largest prints). I would like to have 1 product page per print that has the 3 different sizes as variants, which would each have their own shipping rates. Small print goes in small envelope with 'small' shipping, medium print goes in medium envelope with 'medium' shipping, large print goes in large tube with 'large' shipping. Straightforward, right?

I have spent many hours trying to accomplish this with both the basic Shopify parameters and several apps with zero success.


I had a store with Tictail and made it work by having a separate product page for every size of every print I offer, which was functional but cumbersome (3x the number of pages and work entering data) and made for a bad user experience.


Playing with weight and number of items does not work because customers will often buy several prints, sometimes of varying sizes. I need an option for product size-based shipping rates in correlation with weight–the same way I get charged at Canada Post. Please let me know if this is confusing at all. I have what I thought was a very simple business and it's driving me crazy that there are zero solutions for it. Thank you.

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I have the same issue, and I can't add some products to my shop without a solution :
In France, I can send a 80 grams package to USA for 2 € 60 is the thickness is less than 3 cm. It it's above, like a 3.2 cm thickness, I have to pay 24 € 35 for the same exact 80 grams !!!  I don't know how to manage it ><

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I hope you would have found a solution to this. 

Accurate rates do not come because of the following issues : 

  • Nature of products is such that only weight cannot be used
  • Multiple packages are not considered during the calculation of rates
  • Dimensions are not accounted for during calculation of rates

All these basic problems can be resolved by a solution that takes into account volumetric weight and compares the volumetric weight to the actual weight and then sends the higher one between the two for calculation. All this can be currently fulfilled with the Multi Carrier Shipping Label app. The app helps you calculate rates based on the product size and the weight.

The app also helps you automate the complete shipping with Shopify as well.

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