Shipping based on weight and price.

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I've a problem with shipping rates for small orders. I've set up 2 shipping rates - 1 based on weight (0 - 0.99kg Free) and 1 on price (£0 - £10, £3). But when items in the cart come in that weight range and total less than £10, it's giving the option of either shipping rate to the customer. So effectively, there's an item that can be purchased for £2.50 and get free shipping! I don't want to assign a shipping charge to all orders in that weight range, as we have many products in that weight range over £10 that we'd like to offer free shipping on.

Is there are way to set 1 rate based on both the price and weight combined?

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Hello James,

Matt here from the Guru Team! :-)

That is a very good question.  :-) While shipping based on weight or pricing can both be added, which would then give your customers the option to pick either or in the checkout, currently there is not a way to set 1 rate based on both the price and weight together.

To give a specific price per product you could try adding The Better Shipping app which will let you set individual shipping rates for each product in your store.  To help out I grabbed it for you here.  :-) If you do not have carrier calculated shipping in your account as seen here for the apps compatibility in your store.  It is your call though, however interested please feel free to contact us here to have this customized on your plan.  :-)

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Hi I really need shipping options with more than one condition too. I have trade and potentially retail customers using the same site. Customers can shop locked trade products if you Trade and Retail customers can shop all other products. When customers get to shipping I need trade to see trade delivery options only and Retail can only see retail delivery options. I thought by assigning all trade products a weight that I could use price and weight to only show Trade shipping options.

Would be good to have more than one condition at a time to create the shipping options.

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I maybe on the wrong post but I am having trouble with setting up my shipping. At Aaboco formally known as Yahoo! Small business I had PayPay intergrated shipping as well as USPS and FedEx. This made running my business so much smoother. Shipping was calculated in real time and the customers were able to view their total cost before submitting payment. This BASIC feature is perhaps the most important feature for any e-commerce website.

I moved from Aaboco due its reorganization issues and Shopify seemed more user freiendly for the customer and business. Why must I search and pay for additional apps which should be included in all plans and why must I upgrade to a plan that really has no benefit to my business just to receive intergrated shipping options in real time.

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I think this guide will help you do it easily. 

Hope it helps!

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How do I set up shipping for weight and package dimension?  We ship bigger items like shadow boxes and smaller items like greeting cards.  Is there a way to set individual shipping profiles for each item like in Etsy?  I don't understand why I can set up package sizes and only set one for default.  Can you explain how I can assign these different packages to the corresponding product?

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You can achieve this by using Shopify shipping settings and any app that helps you calculate rates based on product dimensions.


Head to Shipping settings --> Custom shipping rates for products --> Create new profile. Add the product under this profile and create the zones.  Now, use the Multi Carrier Shipping Label app, that helps you calculate rates based on the product weight & dimensions. Under the zone, add rates and select the app. 

There are multiple packaging methods within the app, that are based on the product dimensions & weight. Using the app, you can create custom boxes, based on the product dimensions.

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