Shipping books - what is the best way? Media Mail or something else?

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Hi, I have created a guided journal to sell. It's printed offset so I will have inventory and will be shipping it myself. The weight and measurements for one journal in the box is 1 lb 3.9 oz and 9.75” x 7” x 2”.  My Shopify store isn't up yet, but when I plug in the dimensions and weight into the Shopify Shipping Calculator from this page, I get the following shipping rates:

USPS Media Mail $3.33

USPS Priority Mail $8.82

USPS Parcel Select Ground $11.29

The journal is $24.99 so there is no way that I can expect a customer to pay $11.29 or even $8.82 + sales tax! It seems like media mail is the best option, but I just ordered a book from a POD website and there was a warning sign that popped up when I selected Media Mail saying that it is slow and unreliable and books can get lost. That got me nervous.

What has been your experience with Media Mail? Do you have it as an option for shipping and have your customers had any problems? Or have you found another cost-effective way to ship books?  I plan to offer the customer choices of course, but I figure one of those choices needs to be under $5 for it to make sense. Even with Media Mail and sales tax, that's + $6 added to the price of $24.99.

I don't have much margin to absorb the shipping cost myself and figured if I priced my journal above $24.99, I was pricing myself out of the competitive market.  

Thanks for any guidance; my website is still under construction and the journal is still being printed in Turkey, but I'm learning all that I can and trying to figure things out before launch.