Shipping calculated after discount?

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My shop offer free shipping for order above $60. As I had issue discount voucher out, if a customer added $70 to cart which entitle him for free shipping, but after applying a $20 off voucher code, the cart price became $50 and now a shipping rate is reflected. 


Is there a way for the shipping rate to be calculated pre discount code application so as long as the cart value before discount is above $60, the free shipping rate will apply? thanks!

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Hey There,

Samantha here from the Shopify Guru Team. Thanks for reaching out!

I can certainly see the predicament you are in here. 
Unfortunately, there is no way to change when the shipping is calculated or to remove the discount codes from that calculation - this calculation is all done on the same page together automatically before selecting the shipping options. However, there may some alternative ways to setup your discount options to get around this a bit. 

What you could do is switch up the way you are offering the free shipping option. You could offer the sales for the products on the products themselves using a Compare at price. For more information on how to do this you can check out the Showing sale prices help document. 
This may not be ideal if you want to offer $20 off of an entire cart rather than a monetary amount off of the products themselves but it could be a feasible workaround. This will still apply the free shipping to a cart total but their cart total would include the discounts right away rather than entering a code and losing the free shipping as an option. It might help them better gauge when the free shipping would apply to them.

The other option you could look at is using an app like Automatic Discount. The app has a 7 day free trial and a free plan option. This will give you some time to try out the app before committing to paying for anything. 

Hope this helps - have a stellar day!

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just came across this exact issue and I am really surprised that it hasn't been resolved. The current settings make no sense at all (for me at least, and I think there are others) - if it does make sense for some, great, why can't we have an option to choose when rates are calculated? Can't be the re-invention of the wheel really.

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I agree - seems obvious to me.