Shipping carriers, the new order status page and pure frustration

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The new Shopify order status page is long overdue.

But since it only fully supports USPS; and "half" supports a handful of other carriers (i.e they actually exist in the shipping carrier dropdown when fullfilling an order), it's next to useless.

Let me explain...

Because I use  a combination of 3 to 4 unsupported carriers, I have to select 'other' when fulfilling most orders.

This causes confusion for customers, because they don't know who the carrier is...and they can't track the status of the order. 

My workaround has been to bypass the "Order Page Status" (don't include the url in order confirmation emails) and use the AfterShip app to send a confirmation of shipping and subsequent delivery updates. Also, I uncheck the "Send a confirmation email to the customer for this shipment" when fulfilling an order. 

The problem is, that it can take a several hours to a day before the confirmation email is finally triggered in AfterShip . So even though an order has been fulfilled, the customer thinks nothing is happening.

Shopify, if you're listening, please fix this.  Either update the list of carriers to include all the carriers that Aftership supports.

Or if that's too hard or "not on your roadmap", at least enable the user to manually input the carrier name and tracking url (in addition to the tracking number) after selecting "other". 

Seriously, this is so frustrating.

Surely I'm not alone here.

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Agreed. Would be quite simple to set up alternate carriers for tracking. Just let us provide a template for the link. We'd fill out





and have placeholders to fill in what makes the link unique. e.g. [tracking_number] would be replaced by the tracking number. ::: Solid Wood TV Furniture for Enthusiasts. Made in USA.