Shipping form China

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Hello Community helpers!

I have a question. I am dropshipping my products from China to USA Mainly. However, I have read in some forums that people at the USA don't like to buy things that come from China. I offer them 3-6 days shipping, so I think they won't complaint about the shipping time. But my question is if I have to give them the tracking number for their order.


- If I give them that number, they will see that the product comes from china so maybe they won't like it.

- If I don't, they will be wondering and asking me where is their product.

- I heard there was an option in Aftership to "mask" the shipping. I was trying to find that option but it seems it is not possible.


Then, I don't know what you guys can recommend me. I already have my first order and I don't know what to do. I already set up Aftership but I am afraid to give my customer the Tracking Number due to the facts described before.


Thanks in advance for your answers,