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Hello mates,

I've been preparing to launch my store and got some questions on shipping. My products are made per order and have a typical waiting time for roughly 6 weeks. While it is made by a contracted manufacture in China, I'd like to utilize the factory also as my dropshipper. (I've reached out to other dropshipper, and they typically need 3 units per item to begin) 

While the factory is willing to work with me, but they also don't want to reveal their information/address. So the options of Fedex, or UPS is out, because they will need to show where the products are picked up. 

I've contacted forwarder for solutions, and they claim it is doable for the shipping order to show my company's name as well as my address. However, it is one route that I'm kind of shaky about since customer return may be a problem. 


I'm reaching out to fellow memebers for a better solution, or any directions to find my answers! 



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I think this can be achieved with FedEx. FedEx has an option of allowing to use third party account for charging the cost of shipping to a third party. Now, you can show your address to the label but charge the factory's FedEx account as a third party. This is definitely doable and with a little tweak in the Multi Carrier Shipping label app, this can be easily achieved.

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