Shipping from Multiple Locations. How to get Total Shipping Rate

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hi There Experts ...


I am facing a project that have the following REQUIREMENT  :

The Store will act like a MARKETPLACE showing products from SEVERAL VENDORS ... each one from his location.

When they got an ORDER ... it can contains PRODUCTS from MULTIPLE VENDORS ... that will SHIP from their location to the CONSUMER Address.

So ... maybe an order will have PRODUCTS from 3 different VENDORS ... and each one will SHIP his/her part of the order ... and CONSUMER will receive 3 packages .

As standard Shipping Rate app will considerer SHIPPING ORIGIN ... to calculate RATES ... how to handle this requirement ?

I am trying to avoid REBUILD the circle as maybe some app already implement this ... but I could not find in my search on app store.

Does anybody faced the same challenge and can share the solution you got ?


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