Shipping from Thailand to CAD- Best reliable rates for a fledgling ecommerce business.

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Hey Shopifolk!

I was  just wondering, does anyone who does import/export from Thailand to North America know the best way to get the best rates?

Current Setup:
Shipping wise, we are shipping from Bangkok, to Thornbury Ontario (currently)- 
Using a Box 8 Jumbo Box (55x45x41 cm, ~11 kg) Using DHL Express for around 7060 Baht (308$) Canadian.
That box then arrives in Thorbury, Ontario (Canada), and one of the business family members unloads it and repacks the contents into 5 smaller boxes (24x40x17cm / 2.2KG) that are then sent by canada post express post.

Quantity wise we are sending roughly 1 jumbo box every other day.
Box does not contain perishables, restricted goods, or anything objectionable by Canadian import standards or most carrier rules.


With this total arrangement we are looking at about 8 to 9 days in the mail and an annoying 'middleman' step.
To send each smaller box individually would cost around 150$ a pop by DHL, which would effectively destroy our margins.

If anyone has any ideas about how to get a better rate from DHL, or ideas about using better carriers (or maybe figuring out how to optimize our furfillment strategy), I would be SUPER appreciative.


Strategies tried already:
Tried to apply for a DHL ecommerce account, but was told that we don't do enough volume to merit an account.