Shipping from a different zip/location during the holidays

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I use shopify's default USPS shipping option for customer purchases so the source of my shipments on the USPS label is my address where my store is located in Chicago.  I'll be traveling for the holidays, including this weekend for Thanksgiving, to see family.  Since I'm a one-man shop, I plan to bring some of my more popular products with me to ship if a purchase is made during the long weekend. 

Would I be able to us the USPS postage showing that the item is shipping from Chicago, even though they will be shipped from a different zip/state (i.e. Detroit, Michigan)?  If not, is there a solution?

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Hey espy,

This is Oswald, a Guru here at Shopify!

You may temporarily change your shipping origin in Shopify (Shopify Admin > Settings > Shipping) so the shipping rates are pulled correctly from where the product(s) will be shipped from. 

I would recommend reaching out to USPS for any special processes that they might have in place when shipping an item while traveling just in case the items has to be returned to the sender.

Hope the information above helps! If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to the Guru team. :)


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I believe you must have changed the shipper location at Shopify location and resolved your problem. This is the right way to approach your problem.

However, if you have multiple locations from where you want to ship, then you can define different warehouse locations in the Multi carrier shipping label app and then ship from those locations by creating automation rules. Though as said, if you are just switching locations, then no need to do that.

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