Shipping fulfillment and packaging slip help for begginer :)

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Hi fairly new at this and not an expert


Wondering if I am missing something regarding the fulfilment of an order. It seems daft that I cant print the packaging slip until the last page and because I haven't shipped the item yet I have to go out of the order and leave it unfulfilled until I have shipped the item. Then I go back into the order and mark as fulfilled again and enter the shipping tracking no. I realise I could uncheck the box 'notify customer' and fulfil the order however I don't want to rely on doing this in case I mistakenly forget or something. 


Here is what I do when I get an order>


Go to orders

Click on order

Package up my item

Click fulfil order

Click print packaging slip

Put packaging slip in with order

clikc back to home page

Later in the day:

Ship item

Go back to order

Fulfil order

Enter tracking details 

Fufil order on that screen. 


What I am doing may be correct I would just like to get opinion from others. 


As I have said I am not a wizz at this so beginner language please :)