Shipping issues with in-house AND drop ship fulfillment

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Hi everyone,

I have a new site where the bulk of the product (let's say, Candy) will be dropshipped by a vendor who has fixed pricing for shipping. Great, no problem there.

I also have some product that I ship out myself (let's call it Cookies) - I am currently using Carrier/App rates for shipping, and have also tried setting it up with fixed prices as well.

The problem is that when calculating shipping costs, it looks at the order total, not the total for that particular shipping family. 

For example:

- Order includes Candy for $27.50 (which should ship for $5) AND one Cookie for $10 that costs $3 to ship. Instead of the total shipping equaling $8, it looks at the overall order total which is $37.50, calculates shipping as $8 +$3 = $11. 

Is there a workaround for this?

Dropship VendorShipping Cost 

In-House Shipping

$0-$15.50$4.00 Live USPS Rate
Over $40FREE  


Another question is for the Dropship shipping, because I am using fixed pricing, it shows up as Standard or Expedited Shipping at Checkout. But when combined with the Carrier/App rate, it just shows up as "SHIPPING". Can I rename the Carrier/ App rate so that it shows up as Standard or Expedited?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

Hey @verizzle,

Unfortunately, Shopify's shipping profiles don't offer what you are looking for. If you're open to using a third-party app, Intuitive Shipping can easily handle this type of setup. As an added benefit, you can fully customize your shipping name and also add a custom description that appears under the shipping rate at checkout. Especially since some of your orders will come in multiple packages, the description feature allows you to control your customer expectations by having a note such as "your order may arrive in multiple shipments" when an order comes from you and a dropshipper. The app is fully customizable to your exact needs.  

I hope this helps!

Warm regards,

Co-Founder / CEO @ Intuitive Shipping
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