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Good day, I have the USA set up as shipping to. But when I add something to the cart I get the message "We don’t offer shipping to the United States." 


I have two shipping rates.

Standard shipping - 9.95$ and is set to 0.1 lb Condition

Free shipping - 0.00$ and is set to 0.0lb Condition


Now all of the items I want to have free shipping are set to a weight of 0.0lb and the rest is paid shipping with a weight of 0.1. 

I set it up this way so I can do a free item, just pay shipping promotion. 


Now I have tried to do a test and all of my test fail with the message that we do not offer shipping to US.


Please help, This is supposed to be simple. I have tried everything i could think of.ffs.jpgffs2.jpgffs3.jpg

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This is an accepted solution.

I managed to solve the issue, It was really simple after all.

You have to add all of your products or items you want to ship to the US. 


You add or create a new shipping profile if you do not already have one.

Go to manage rates.

Right next to the "search products" bar click the "browse" Button and add all of the products you want to ship to that location. 

After that, you can modify the rates and it will show in the checkout menu.

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I got this issue too and the solution was still not clear to me, but i was able to debug a bit further into it.

Seems we need to have certain shipping 'rules' in place for the cart to move ahead and go to place order button.

What we need to do is , if you are doing weight based shipping amounts (as mentioned above), you need to make sure the products being checked out - comply to the weight rules.

So, suppose you just have one shipping rate of $9.5 for weight .1LB, and the product customer is placing in the cart is of .8LB, this error may come.


So, you may have to create other shipping profile , for example if you choose it to be weight based, then say $5 shipping on weights between .2 and .9LB, the above scenario is covered and thus you will move ahead to order page.


In summary - there is a link between your shipping rules and the products you have complying to the rules, if they don't, you will get the same error as stated.

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So our store recently lost $2,000 over the past 3-4 days from abandoned checkouts.


I had no clue why it was happening. A customer called and told us today that they were unable to complete checkout. I examined and noticed, even if I did the free USPS Shipping with rate of 0$ I still had to have the product weight for all products.


There were some products with weight not updated yet and it affected our checkout dramatically. I wondered what was going on.


Very unfortunate but, learning lesson ??

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there is a very simple solution to this  scenario without all the profiles....allow me to explain. 

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HI Andre,


With shipping rules and restrictions, you can personalize the rates and methods you offer customers online. This is a way to keep you compliant with industry regulations. And, make your shipping experience as smooth as possible for your customer. 

With ShipperHQ, you’re not limited to customizing your shipping rates and methods based on only a couple factors. Here’s a list of factors that you can customize your shipping by:

  • Zones defined by Country, Region/State, City of Zip/Postal Code
  • Price, Weight or Quantity Filters
  • Per Quantity or Weight Unit Charges
  • Minimum and Maximum charges
  • Shipping Groups and Customer Groups
  • Shipping origin-based rules 
  • Box-based rules
  • Surcharge or Discount Live Rates
  • Hide or Show Shipping Options

This is handled by our Carrier Rules functionality, which you can read more about here. The nice thing about shipping rules is you can be as granular as you want, which means you have a major impact on how much you charge and the type of delivery options you provide.

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Hi there. Thanks for this post because this is the issue that I am having currently... Except, I can't seem to find a solution..


Your screenshots are a bit different than what my page looks like now (the website has probably been updated). But I'm having the same issue where I go to checkout and it says the same thing that it does in your screenshot there.


I want my shipping rates to show as my carrier rate and not my own rates, except when I add them, I'll go to checkout and it still says the same thing that it doesn't work.


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We have 3 shipping profiles in Shopify and thousands of products. Basicly all new products go to general profile but the problem is if you want add products to another profile than general. It is terrible the manage products selection. You can not add products by collection.  When you have thousands of products and you hit the search product it does not find the all products or it can find there even products what has no match for the title you are searching. And when you list all products and let it roll like 5min then there is message server error... There is no sense how the search bar works. Please add there more easy way to manage the products example by collection or option to search only products what are not add to this profile.  One week and i have not still able to add all products i want in the profile. I allways find some products what has not been added. One by one it takes too much time. Also i pay about 100€ every month and i can not print invoice to customer I NEED THIRD PARTY APP and PAY more for this. Sounds so greedy to me. And Google likes fast website and it is not recommended to install useless apps. Please organize your basic things and stop taking more money of every thing. When my business is very success and money comes then ask more i would be happy to pay!!


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How would I do this for shipping from supplier inside Australia to customer inside Australia?  Or any other country for that matter?

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Maybe someone can shed some light on my issue also, as of lately I seem to be losing money on shipping. Shopify is charging the customer less for shipping than it’s charging me. For example, my customers are paying $13.90, but when I purchase the waybill, I’m paying $14.65 or more depending on location. Can anyone help?