Shipping method description had its number of letters reduced

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I'd like to know if the recent change to the number of letters allowed to the shipping mehod/name description is going to be reversed? We've noticed that a lot less letter are allowed to be used and that is a big headache. That was the only place where a quick description of the shipping method and exceptions was possible without having people go through the shipping terms. Why is this important? For example, 'NEXT DAY DELIVERY' needs to make clear that it applies only orders placed before 2 PM, to working days AND is not available to certain regions of the country (UK, and Shopify treats the whole country as one without regions). We now are able to only barely include the 2 PM warning. Believe me we fine-tuned the description however long others might judge it to be. It evolved in the course of 6 years in the shape that we had it before this restriction and by then we had reduced to practically zero any misunderstanding on the customers part saving us return fees and refunds galore. However 'ugly' you guys might judge it to look on checkout it really is not feasible to expect customers to stop the shopping process to go and read terms if the core info can be conveyed quickly. Whoever wants to keep their descriptions short, fine, but we really need to get back to being allowed to enter as long a text as we might deem required .