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Dear shopify help center!
I have some basic question about shopify.
Firstly: I found a nice bracelet with oberlo what I imported to my store. I set up prices and pictures so these products are on my main page. I set the shipping method which is epacket for all of my product. Does the factory which will produce my product know the shipping method? Cause if yes, I would write the product description the 30-35-day delivery which is marked at AliExpress as "Estimated Delivery Time". Also, I would like to ask what will happen if the delivery option I choose is not available for a country?
My second question is: I live in Hungary and I would be selling for US or Europe. The taxes and fees are always 2.9% + 0,3€ or I should expect more fees from my country? (I am in 14-day trial now) 
Thank you!
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Hi @xJulious! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


It's been quite a while since you posted this and as it appears, you received no replies. Were you able to solve this? In any case, I'd still be happy to help you out with one of your questions.


For your first question, first off, I think it's great that you were able to find a product that suits your preferences! I also noticed that you got it from Oberlo and you mentioned that shipping time for it is 30-35 days. I'm not sure what your shipping preferences are in terms of speed, but wouldn't you prefer having items on your store that ship faster than that? Spocket can make this possible for you! But first to answer your question, I believe since the delivery option is not available for the country, then it won't be possible to ship there. Hope this is clear!


Going back to Spocket, I wanted to ask if you've had the chance to explore the app? We have a wide selection of jewelry suppliers that come from the EU and the US, and being that you're based in Hungary and want to sell in the EU and US, then I think the app is perfect for you! For one, as opposed to the 30-35 day shipping with e-packets, Spocket makes it possible for you to ship items in as short as 3-5 days cause you can find suppliers in the EU that can ship to the EU, and suppliers in the US that can ship to the US. 




Spocket has smart filters that you can tweak to help you easily find suppliers of bracelets:




You can check out Spocket's website to find out more! You can also respond to me here and I'd be more than happy to answer your questions.


For your second question, here's an article from our blog that might help answer it: How Dropshipping Affects Sales TaxI'll also mark your post as new so other people can see it and perhaps provide an answer for this!