Shipping miscalculation

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Hi all,

Looking for some insight into a bit a strange situation. My store has been running fairly smoothly for about 6 weeks now, however today I had an order that actually cost me money due to a shipping miscalculation. 


Hopefully my explanation is clear... here goes:

Fulfilment and shipping provided by Printful.

Shipping costs

First item: $10

Additional item: $5

The customer purchased a 4X of the same item and I was charged $25 shipping accordingly, however it seems that the customer was only charged $10 shipping. Therefore eating into my profit by $15. 


I've replicated this purhcase on my site, and unfortunately the same thing happens to me as well. 

If I only purchase the 1X the product the shipping seems to be correct. 


Any insight and assistance is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.