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Found an issue with customers ordering multiple odd shaped products we sell.  Shopify allows checkout but the shipping calculations are very off.  A customer might be charged $85 for shipping but we can't ship the items as "one".  I split the order and it ends up costing $150 shipped individually.  When I try to find a frieght quote to ship it all at once the frieght quote comes out still way more than what shopify charged the customer.  Is their some setting that I need to adjust.  It would be better for them to make multiple orders but no way to set up the store that way.  Often multiple products ship well as one, but there are more and more combinations occuring that are skewed badly.

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Hey, Mike!

Savannah here from the Shopify Guru Team. 

A lot of merchants face similar problems when it comes to shipping multiple, odd shaped objects. The issue is that there are some many possible combinations for packages, that it's difficult to create an accurate estimate for customers. 

That said, there are some apps that will lend a hand with creating a logic for your shipping rules:

  • Advanced Shipping Rules will allow you to create shipping rules for different groups and combinations of products. 
  • Boxify allows you to create a dimensional weight for your possible shipping scenarios. 
  • Better Shipping allows you to set per product or even tiered shipping rates. 

Take a look at those apps and feel free to reply back if you have further questions. Our Guru Team offers 24/7 live support if you get stuck: 

Happy selling!

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The app we develop, Advanced Shipping Rules, allows you configure different rates for different groups of products that then get combined intelligently at checkout for your customer. 

We let you determine for each group of products what box sizes should be used based on QTY of items. 

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Answering for the benefit of others with a similar query.


The Multi Carrier Shipping Label app can solve the issue. The app will help you handle the packaging process with ease using the multiple packaging methods available within the app. There are different packaging methods that are based on the weight & dimensions of your products. You can create custom boxes based on the product dimensions and the app will help you get the shipping rates accurately.



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