Shipping one order in multiple packages

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I have a larger (and heavier) order from a retailer that I want to split into 3 separate boxes for shipping. What's the easiest way to generate 2 additional shipping labels without creating new orders? Thanks!

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You cant.


We end up paying almost double the shipping all the time because of this.  I posted on this a few weeks back, with no reply regarding the subject at all.

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If you didn't already figure this out, to print multiple shipping labels for a single order do the following: 


open the order

choose Create Shipping Label

mark all items to zero that are not in the box you want the label for

choose package dimension, weight and service provider

Choose purchase label

print the label

return to the order and do the same until all items are fulfilled and you have created a label for each package

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May I know which carriers you use to handle shipping? Or do you use any app?


In case you are using FedEx, the Shopify FedEx app would be the perfect solution for you. With the app, you can automate the packing process based on the product weight, product dimensions or you can even pack each of your items individually. You can set the process according to your requirement and you can also create custom boxes of your choice. Labels can be generated based on the number of boxes to be shipped.

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That solution worked like a charm. Thanks!