Shipping options don't show when digital product is in the order

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I have enabled calculated shipping rates with Canada Post for physical items. Works great when only physical products are in the order.


Most of my products are digital-only, but I am not VAT registered, so in order to limit those products I mark them as physical with a weight of zero, and have created a shipping profile with no charge for those products. Works great when the only items in the order are digital.


However, when the order combines both, the shipping choice is no longer available. Instead of seeing three options, only one is offered and it just says 'Shipping' without qualifying what service it is. (I can guess by the price, but would obviously like my customer to have all the options.)

How do I solve this?


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I would like to know a little more about how are you managing by creating a shipping profile with no charge. Ideally such a profile should not allow your customers to place an order. Am i missing something here?


As far as your second query is concerned when order contains two or more products, then using the 'skip' shipping option you can skip shipping for one product such that only the other product is charged for shipping. This feature is available with the Multi carrier Shipping label app.

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