Shipping options for Indian stores

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Hello guys,

I am basically looking to hear from Indian shop owners about how they ship their products. What apps and services do you use to automate it or link it to your shopify store? Any specific courirer companies that are better?

I am currently using Kartrocket's Shiprocket service. Its been quite good. I have their basic service which gives me access to 4 different courier companies Gojavas, Aramex, ECOM and FEDEX. I mainly use Gojavas as their service has been prompt and charges are quite less compared to Fedex. Experience with Shiprocket has been good but they do have some down time sometimes which gets irritating as it delays my shipment. But the benefit is they build you a private app that integrates with your shopify store which means you can import orders from shopify onto their shipping platform. Its not perfect and has its flaws but its manageable. This is why i wanted to see what the other options are. I know there is which gives options of 3 courier companies. But my worry is those 3 dont cover all the pin codes.

Are there any other options? Any advise or just to hear how the other stores are doing it in India will be great to hear.


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The Multi Carrier Shipping label app is a solution which provides you access to a whole bunch of carriers. In addition, downtime is not an issue as it calls the carrier APIs and using it you can show real time shipping rates at checkout, generate labels, generate manifests, and track all shipments at one place. Moreover, the best thing is that it allows you to use your own carrier account to do this. You can negotiated discounts with the carriers and get those negotiated rates.

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