Shipping prices for Customer based on Distance

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I am trying to set up Flat Rate Shipping for customers, based on weight. 

For ex: total weight of products is 0-13 oz. is *$5.00* and total weight of products 20-32 oz. is *$8.00*.

I have my rates set upto 48 oz., and I want to make so that any order with the total weight more than that to be based on distance.

Currently, if I were to ship a order with total weight of 60 oz. from TX to NY, it costs around $18.00. If the same order is shipped within TX, it is only $8.00. I want to make so that any order over 49 oz. in a certain zone (for ex: East/West Coast) is a set price, and every other zone is normal calculated shipping.

I am losing customers on the East/West Coast because shipping is too expensive for the buyers.


All help is appreciated! Thank You!

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Hi @shazil003n 

I would recommend you try this app: Intuitive Shipping. Intuitive Shipping is an app that helps you to control the way your shipping rates are calculated at the checkout. More specifically, it calculates the rates based on the size, weight, and the number of boxes in each order, which would ensure the accuracy of shipping rates at the checkout. Besides, you are also allowed to create custom shipping rates for your customers. This would encourage customers to purchase more while still maintaining your profit margins. In addition, you can create different shipping scenarios for different suppliers and add handing fees and duties at any time. Moreover, this app allows you to create shipping subzones based on distance, Postal Code, and Zipcode, which would ensure the profitability of your order while shipping. So what are you waiting for? Install this app and start your 14-day free trial today.

You can get the app here.

Hope it helps!

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