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Hi I'm looking for a free way to use options for different shipping parcel sizes.

The majority of my products do fit as a standard parcel but I have a few that are just slightly too big or some that are smaller and would like to send them at a lower shipping option

Can anyone recommend anything. I am in the UK




Hey Karen,

Do these items differ a lot depending on weight? If so, you could try and set up the weight based shipping in Shopify to try and take these differences into account. I'm imagining since you already have your shipping set up based on weight, that this isn't a viable option for your store. 

How frequently is this an issue, and how much are you losing shipping the larger items that your £7.99 shipping isn't accounting for? Would lowering the shipping price below £3.00 for these smaller items make a large difference in your sales? The reason I ask is because in order to get your shipping set up in an ideal way for your store, you would require a third-party shipping calculation app. 

Our app, Intuitive Shipping, can help you in a few ways. You can set "per-item exclusions", which would allow you to charge appropriately for your smaller or oversized items like you are looking to do in your question.

You can also set Intuitive Shipping up to exclude "remote zones" for your free UK shipping over £40 so that you aren't losing money on orders being shipped to these locations. You would set these areas up based on Postal code zone. 

Shipping is a very personal thing for every store, so I suggest looking into the impact that shipping is having on your sales/profit to see if adding an app would make a noticeable difference. If it appears to be negligible, you may be best sticking with your current set up. 

Warm regards,

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