Shipping products imported from a third-party APP

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Greeting everyone. I've recently installed an APP to dropship fashion clothes and accessories. Most products they have ship from the U.S.A. The thing is, each product is eligible to ship to different regions. For example, some of the products they have ship to the U.S.A and Canada. Other products ship only to the U.S.A, other ship worldwide, and so on. So I setup a shipping profile for that app and set the shipping rates for each destination. 

Here's my problem: When testing, if I add to cart a product that doesn't ship worldwide and choose a shipping destination as a country in asia for example, instead of receiving a message "This product doesn't ship to this destination", it just works normally and I can proceed to checkout. This is bad since international customers might purchase the product even though it can't ship to their destination. 

I know this may be a rookie issue, but I'd appreciate any help I can, thank you in advance and best regards.