Shipping profile for specific product - how to handle orders for multiple units?

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Hi I'm pretty new to shopify and have recently set up a new product with a specific shipping profile, based on the price my carrier charges for to deliver a single unit of the product. I have had some customers order multiple units, and the store is charging the same shipping cost instead of 2x the shipping cost. How do I address this? 

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Hi, @SewBe


If the product has it's own shipping profile and you'd like to double the cost for each additional unit of the product added, the easiest thing would typically be to set up price based rates that double each time the cost doubles. For example, if your product costs $15 and it costs $10 to ship the order (per product), then you would have the cost of shipping double along with the price of order: 




This way, if the customer orders that product and it costs between 0 and 15 dollars, their shipping cost will be $10, and if they order the product and it costs between 15 and 30 dollars, their shipping cost will be $20. Similarly, you could also set this up by using weight based rates based on the weight of the product doubling - for example if the product weighed 1kg that may look something like this:




Another alternative to this would be using a specialized shipping rates app such as Better Shipping. Hope that helps! 




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This is an accepted solution.

Hey @SewBe ,


It sounds like you need to create multiple tiers of shipping in the profile. You'll want to head to Manage Profiles > Edit Rate > Add Conditions > Create a tier > Save and then repeat for however many you need to create. 

I've attached a screenshot of how to create your tiers (you can have them based on weight instead - this is a better option if you ever plan to have discounts or promos) to help you get set up. In your case, let's say each unit is $10, you would want to set the tiers to 0-$10 is X, $10.01-20 is X, $20.01-30 is X etc. 

Also, if you don't want to waste time manually assigning your products to their profiles, try out Automate Shipping Profiles - we're free to use if you have 100 products or less :) 

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