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Reading through this thread of over a year's worth of comments I felt some disappointment seeing no resolution.

Shipping rate .CSV import/export would be very helpful, and valuable to shopify.

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Lately we are having to update and maintain this table more frequently as we are getting a barrage of pricing updates. Setting the table up in 250g increments up to 4Kg to make it somewhat manageable. But to add to the inability of uploading a csv file and being done with it, we have to also deal with the absolutely crazy way it stores /sorts entries. It seems you have to start at the high sizes first then go down else you get a crazy order like the following:


Screenshot 2020-09-09 at 07.55.27.png

Storing the order correctly  or being able to move them about would be useful.

A CSV file import would be a great improvement.

A formula to add based on weight would be perfection (per item + per Kg or g as most shipping couriers price in that manner)  and a ceiling max which would make it add another parcel for products that can be split - ie add another per item charge after that threshold.


The current method is very error prone and the crazy ordering it's doing makes it unmaintainable.

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Hi, all! 

I appreciate you continuing to share feedback on this, and have submitted all of your thoughts directly to our teams. 

If any other Community members would like to also request this, please feel free to reply in this topic with your use case, as well as your URL, so I can pass your suggestions along, too. 

@HaydenJacks, we don't currently have an update on when, or if, this feature will exist. However, if we have any details to share in the future, we'll post these on our changelog, and our Announcements page


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This would be very helpful for us as well, as we have over 90,000 SKUs that we need to manage. Some are drop-ship, and some are seller fulfilled, so our shipping matrix can be very complex.

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This would also be extremely useful, quite shocked to find that it isn't currently possible. 

Our existing Magento store that we're migrating from has over 27,000 individual rules, generated from a custom google Docs spreadsheet containing info sent by the shipping companies (usually in extremely unhelpful formats that can't be automated), that are set up to calculate pricing using two shipping companies and offers fine-grained control over different countries and regions and product types, along with an automated script that we can use to see how the prices are applied to a selection of preset typical carts.  This would obviously be unfeasible to replicate+update manually in Shopify.  

Compiling these price rates is already a big undertaking for several staff members, with lots of potential for error even with our currently semi-automatic-import workflow.  One of the big draws of Shopify was that tasks like this would require less time and involvement from multiple staff members, but from reading this it seems that it might actually be worse!

Considerable work and training has also gone into this semi-automated system and so I'm not thrilled that this may need to be thrown away -- a simple CSV import/export feature, or even an API, would save us many many hours during setup and going forward.

As best I can tell, moving to Shopify will require us to pay extra monthly fees for multiple integrated shipping rates apps to get accurate quotes -- or to devise a shipping price structure that could see us either taking losses on shipping for big parcels to difficult destinations, or losing sales by overcharging for smaller parcels.

Especially with COVID, we are finding that shipping rates are changing frequently and are getting increasingly specific as different countries/regions face different difficulties -- receiving multiple ad-hoc notifications of eg '5% increase on all shipping in country Z from region B'.

Hope there's some news on this soon.  Our store is 

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+1000 here... we're holding up kicking off a big sale (as well as my Thanksgiving prep) because I've spent ALL DAY inputting shipping rates. I can't believe this isn't available.

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Yes, please create the ability to bulk upload exact shipping costs to Shopify. 

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We've implemented something like this for clients in a custom app before, including an in-browser spreadsheet editor and support for multiple Shopify shipping zones. The problem is generally different companies will have different formats / rules around shipping so rather than a singular CSV->shipping feature it's necessarily going to include somewhat complex features and logic for translating the CSV into shipping rates.

Anyone who would like to beta test a "CSV shipping rate" type app, let us know / shoot an email to If there's some interest and commonality of feature requirements we'd be happy to put something together.

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Your right in that different companies have different format / rules around shipping. This is exactly the reason why we need a CSV upload. No one App is going to be able to model the range of different shipping rule scenarios that meet everyone requirements. However, most people can boil their shipping costs down to a single line per product variant for specific destinations, and as a result, can translate to into a line in a CSV file.


Shopify seems pretty happy to take an enormous number of subscriptions but actually do very little to improve the basic functionality of the platform. They are very keen to promote ever more enhancements to the App interface because they make money out of selling Apps. But most Shopify clients do not have available the time, effort or resources to get into the building and maintaining of Apps.

Really basic functionality like a shipping CSV upload, or full complete backup and restore, covering products, theme, collections, customers, pages, orders etc etc etc are things you would expect a platform like Shopify to provide as basic but are sadly missing, and yes there are backup Apps, and no they are not very good!!

Is Shopify actually going to do anything about the CSV upload? or are they going to just sit there and ignore the needs of a large number of fee-paying subscribers.

And by the way, while they are at it provide a comprehensive backup and restore capability.

Such things are fundamentals for any IT system, a real update in this issue would be appreciated.