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Hi Guys,

Hopefully someone can help me here!

I have just set up shipping rates for USA/Canada/Mexico. (see below) You can see I have set box sizes with weight conditions. All products have also been allocated the respective weights.

When testing the buying journey as a US customer, the product weight doesn't seem to be taken into consideration. Instead it seems to be left up to the customer to select an option, without knowing what the individual product weight, or the total weight of the package is. How do I set this up to to automatically select the correct box size based on the total order weight specifically for this region?


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Hey, @AlexB87!

I'm Ava from Shopify, I'd like to help here!

This looks like you just need to make a slight adjustment for your shipping setting so that the correct rates will apply to the correct products. With weight-based rates, when you have several rates and set the minimum weight to be 0kgs or 0lbs for all of them, it will encompass all of your products up until the point the maximum weight is reached.

For example - Box 2 and Box 3 on your current rates. Box 2 is 0-1.5kgs, and Box 3 is 0-3.5kgs. Say you have products A, B, and C that weigh 1kg. If I am a customer and have a product A in my cart, product A will fit the criteria for the shipping rate of Boxes 2 and 3 - it weighs 1kg, so it will fit into the rate for products that weigh 0-1.5kg, and 0-3.5kgs. This is where some confusion may occur, as more than one rate will then show at the checkout. 

To narrow this down for your customers, you can set your rates to be more specific. I would recommend something like 0-1.5kgs, 1.5kgs - 3kgs, 3kgs - 7kgs, and so on! so this way, the rate for box 3 will only apply to products that weigh between 1.5 and 3kgs only, and will only show one rate at checkout.

One way to make this easier would be to look into Carrier Calculated Shipping for your business. It's a service you can request to be enabled by our support teams in order to leverage your shipping provider's rates! You've mentioned all of your products already have weights added, so most of the work is already done for you! Your courier will assign the rates for you based on the weights you've added to your product. 


Let me know what you think, happy to chat further!

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