Shipping rates using order value and weight

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Hi: I am looking to set up some custom rates using both order value and weight to calculate.

I want orders under $100.00 to have a flat rate.

I want orders over $100.00 to ship free unless they are over a specific weight and then I want a flat rate applied instead.

I have some large size items that sell for over 100 I need to charge shipping on but I don't want the Free shipping option displayed at checkout.

Is there anyway to set it up like this?


Thank you.


Hey Jason!

Unfortunately, Shopify’s built-in shipping options don’t allow you to customize your shipping to this extent. You will need to use a third-party shipping calculation app such as Intuitive Shipping to do this. You can set your shipping to calculate exactly as you listed in your question.

We do have a full user-guide and tooltips, but you will likely benefit from a one-on-one call with us so we can give you an overview of how you will get this set up in the app. There are quite a few logical issues to take into account when setting it up (a lot of merchants use IS to do exactly what you’re looking to do), so please reach out if you have any questions. 

The app is free to use in Testing Mode (which is the default setting), so feel free to poke around and shoot us an email at to book a chat with us. Of course, we can always assist via email if you prefer that route.

Just a heads up that all third-party shipping calculation apps require Shopify’s Carrier Calculated Rates feature. If you are an Advanced or Plus merchant, this feature is already included in your plan. If you are on the Basic or Shopify plans, you will need to get this added by contacting Shopify. The feature is $20/month a-la-carte, or free if you switch to annual billing, which also saves you 10% on your Shopify subscription (most of our users go this route).

Please let us know if you have any questions!

Best regards,

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