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So I did start my shop but for the first time I'm adding small products. I believe I've set things up correctly But as I have reviewed my live cart for testing purposes something seems wrong the pricing is extremely high. I'm wondering what I did wrong or perhaps I'm selling a product too cheap to ship. Let me give you the background information: 


Item: Pendulum Jewelry on a 9 inch chain

Price: $7.00

Weight: 0.4 Pounds

Package Size: 7 x 5 Padded Envelope

Shipping Methiod: USPS Parcel Ground 2-8 day shipping

Calculate the Cost: $12.91

When I add another similar item my cart shipping cost don't change they stay exactly $12.91


What did I send you the wrong here? Or is this a situation where the product sales price so far goes outside of the shipping cost it's not worth selling online?

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the solution can be provided to accurantly calculate shipping based on dimensions and weight as well as qty -  allow me to explain

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Hi, @MNFabric.

Sophia here from Shopify. Welcome to the Shopify Community!

Are you using Shopify Shipping to display USPS calculated rates at the checkout, or do you have a third-party shipping app enabled? There is a Shopify Shipping Calculator that you can use to get estimated rates by selecting your plan name and entering shipping from and to zip codes, the package type and dimensions, and the total weight. You can use this calculator to compare rates with what you're seeing in your store to help determine if anything is being miscalculated.

Based on the details you've shared, here are a couple considerations:


  • Ensure that the product weights under Products and the package weights under Settings > Shipping > Packages all use the same metric (ex: lb).
  • Shipping is calculated based on the shipping origin and destination, package type, dimensions, and weight. The price of the product does not contribute to the shipping rate.

If you can share your store link here as well as the zip code you entered as the shipping destination, I'd be happy to test the checkout to see what rates are currently showing up. I can also send you an email to take a closer look at the product weights and shipping settings to find out why the rates might not be appearing as expected.

Sophia | Social Care @ Shopify
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One of the main reasons why carriers charge shipping higher is the package weight.  Please ensure you have configured the product weight correctly as mentioned by Sophia.

Another reason is whether the Shipper or recipient address is within the serviceable area for the carrier. If not, they charge a huge surcharge for such addresses. Do verify the same as well.


If you are using your own USPS account, please contact the carrier for a negotiated rate based on your shipper volume. And you can use an app like Multi Carrier Shipping Label app to automate the shipment process using your own USPS account.

If your shipping volume is very low,  then you may need to find a shipping broker to get a cheaper rates. In this case, you may need to charge the customer Flat Rate or Free shipping, and manually fulfill the orders in Shopify.

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Shopify because it does not offer any way to properly and automatically select a pack size for a product in their ordering process. Shopify forces us to take a “default” size which it then calculates the postage from that singular default size for all orders regardless of the dimensions of the end order. Our customers are getting over charged and undercharged depending on the quantity of product the customer orders. We are also subject to penalties by our prime carrier Canada Post because our box sizes are incorrectly sized for the shipped item. I am embarrased for how this Shopify system is OVERCHARGING our customers due this rediculously erronious method of deciding an incorrect postage fee.

I am surprized shopify’s customers accept this. I am embarrased to see the shipping costs our customers are overpaying because of this ineffective system they use and I am powerless to do anything about it. I am also insulted that because of shopify's deficiencies of this app we are told to pay a fee to use Boxify to overcome a problem they should be performing for our customers. How is this possible Shopify could exist with this inexcusable deficiency? I don't know what to do and how I can refund my customers (for that matter why should I have to consider it) for this horrendous deficiency in and online e-commerce application?