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I'm confused about how I should set up shipping if I'm using Printful to fulfil all the orders on my website. I plan to sell T-shirts only and want to either charge a flat rate for all products or make them all with free shipping. When I went to the Shipping section I saw that Printful profiles were already added when I connected the service to Shopify, and the rates were already set. However, since I'm just starting on Shopify, I can't seem to understand how to set it up and link them to my products. I also noticed my shipment locations are set up by default on my address in Australia, but I can't seem to be able to change it to Printful... Not sure how they relate to each other and what can I do to fix it.

Please let me know what I am missing and how can I figure it out.

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Hey there! It's Daniella from Printful here. 

I'd suggest checking out these two articles on our website—they should help you out: 

Hopefully, these two resources will help you out, but in case any additional assistance is needed, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Support by chat (if it's on) or—we'll have a more in-depth look into this and will try to further assist you.