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We run an online store that sells industrial parts.

We have thousands of small items that we currently sell on our Shopify store. We ship through USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL for international orders. We are content with our shipping configurations for our current stock.

We are looking to add much larger, and heavier products to our inventory. These items go up to 1,500 pounds and could be palletized or in crates. 

We are looking for an app that can be used with Shopify or simply a way to configure our current settings that will allow customers to get real-time quotes on freight shipments. We would plug in the dimensions and weight of the product and they would get an estimate based on their location.

Our biggest concern is that our current shipping configuration for smaller items remain the same. We don't want to mess up the thousands of listings on our site that already have good shipping options that we are satisfied with. We only want to configure freight shipping.

Has anyone had an issue like this? If so, how was it resolved? What apps or shipping configurations were utilized? Thank you.

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Hi @daman3,

You can easily use the Multi Carrier Shipping Label app to handle freight shipping with UPS and FedEx. The app allows you to add product weight and dimensions and the packaging process will be handled according to these values. Also, the real-time shipping rates will be displayed at the Shopify checkout based on the locations and other factors as well.

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Hey @daman3,

Shopify doesn't currently support freight options, so you'll be best off using a third-party shipping app. 

You can configure your shipping costs properly in Intuitive Shipping, but you will have to recreate your shipping costs for your smaller items in the app as well. Reason being, third-party apps cannot override Shopify's shipping settings, and if you had a case where you only configured large items in the app and kept some items in Shopify, multi-cart items would be drastically undercharged. Fortunately, if you're using Shopify for your rating currently it will be easy to replicate in Intuitive Shipping. 

'We are looking to add much larger, and heavier products to our inventory. These items go up to 1,500 pounds and could be palletized or in crates.'

Do you already have a freight account with a carrier? The reason I ask is because there is usually about a 2-6 week delay to get an account. With regular parcels, you can use 'counter rates', meaning you can pull retail shipping rates without having an account. For freight, you need a freight account and account credentials to charge freight rates at checkout. 

It's likely best to book a call with our Customer Success Lead, Paul, since he is very familiar with freight rates and requirements - he is a fantastic guide for this. As a side note, Intuitive Shipping is free to install and defaults to testing mode, so it doesn't make any live changes to your store's shipping until it is configured and activated. 


Warm regards.

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