Shipping weights disappear

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I have weight based shipping and I set a weight for each product in my store. It seems that weights are disappearing after a few hours and I’m not sure why this is happening. I have a lot of products and variants, so going into each item regularly to update weights is not practical.

This situation is bad because customers are ordering and not being charged correctly for shipping. I’m losing money because my product weights keep disappearing! Ack! I’d appreciate any help or advice you could offer. Thank you!

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We're actually going through a similar issue that popped up on the 27th, and are also wondering what may have happened. 

It may be helpful to you to use an app that will backup your product information. While it won't prevent the information from being changed, you'll at least be able to restore some information.

Hopefully the issue is resolved, as our solution is not really viable in the long-term.

Thank you.