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Hi There

I am a Shopify user located in Auckland New Zealand

I got a problem here:

We usually set up 3 prices for the different zone which are:

1. Metro City (AKL)

2. Out of AKL

3. A Rural Delivery address (With RD number)


However, there is no RD address shows on zone options. Shopify can not identify the RD address? Coz even in Auckland, there are Rural Delivery addresses. The shipping fee for RD is much higher than normal and some clients might just choose the normal shipping fee.

Are there any methods that could solve it out?





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This is an accepted solution.

Hey @Aaronwoo,

Shopify cannot identify the RD address. You'll need a third-party app for this. You can do this in Intuitive Shipping by creating Postal Code zones and defining costs for each area. We have a guide for this here, though we also offer phone support and email support (we have extended call times for our New Zealand friends a few nights a week - you can email us to set at time)

You could also try to just "average it out" and charge customers not in a surcharge area a bit more to make up the difference you lose in the shipping surcharge area. Since it's likely more customers will live in the city (hence why there isn't a surcharge), it helps you build up the buffer. 


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Hi @Aaronwoo,

SInce Shopify cannot identify the RD address, you will have to use a shipping app to handle this. You can use the Multi Carrier Shipping Label app that helps you create zones based on postal codes and display the shipping rates accordingly. For each of the areas that are not identifies by Shopify, you can create zones using the postal codes for these areas. You can look into this guide to get a better understanding. 

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