Shipstation not fulfilling orders

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When I create a label for an order in Shipstation, I expected it would tell Shopify to fulfill the order. I also expect that once Shipstation fulfills the Shopify order then the Shipping Confirmation email would also include the tracking info. 


Both of these items are not happening when I print the label in Shipstation. Anyone have any guesses as to why?


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Same issue I had yesterday too. Not sure why its not fulfilling on the Shopify end.

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When i ship through shipstation, it fulfills items on shopify but doesn't send notification.  Shipstation does.  Tracking becomes a note on the order but it is fulfilled.  


I don't know if there is a solution with the issue, but around the beginning of this month,  something happened with shopifys' shipping settings. I fulfill from shopify, but the tracking number became notes and did not let customers know about items being shipped. It wasn't working for like a day.  


It could have something to do whit a bug that shopify had. There were many incidents on the shopify status page at the end of Nov, and beginning of Dec.