Shopify 100% Needs A Built In Pick-Up Option

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 I have a lot of Ecommerce experience, as we have been selling online for the last 17 years with another platform. Shopify really needs to implement a built in Store Pick Up Option. I clearly understand how to  set this up as a manual shipping option but it is a very poor way to do this and it causes 2 major issues.


By creating a $0 pick up manual shipping option, it lists it as the first shipping option. With this set up, you are going to have a large percentage of customers that choose this by mistake. Customer don't always pay close attention to shipping options, assuming it's always going to default to the most economical.


The second major issue with not having a built in pick up option is when you have a customer pick up an order in your store, regardless of their billing and shipping address, you need to charge in state tax. If you just set pick up as a manual shipping option, there is no way to force tax collection if the customer has an out of state bill to or ship to address.

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Yep. Been thinking this for years now. I'm always amazed at how larger shopping carts handle customers needs. Some of the most simple yet business effecting items are overlooked.