Shopify Chargeback taking money after all checks in my favour

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Shopify have now taken a charge back from me on 2 occasions now,

On both occasions we have followed them down to the T of there advice.

We called them, we got a photocopy of there passport, we got the 3 CVVs digits, proof of address.

Literally everything that we could possibly have got,

For some "unknown" reason the bank has decided in "Buyers" favour (i use Buyer loosely as a buyer is someone that pays for a product or a service and not someone that cons someone.

Shopify will not give ANY details of the transaction including the bank to contact.

They do not mind taking fees from me on my card transactions but when it comes to sorting out problems they run a mile.

I am sure i am not the only one that has or is having these problems.

Never had them with Paypal or Amazon pay.

Very very bad management, I am now in the process of turning off shopify pay.