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Hello everyone,


As you probably know, we no longer can edit the checkout by using the Extra Google Analytics field


To improve my theme, I would like to make my own checkout form on the cart page and then redirect the user to the checkout with the informations correctly written and if possible the shipping method already choosed

I tought I would simply do it with a link.. but It doesn't work

Here is what I tested :


name of the
&checkout[shipping_adress][address1]=Adresse ligne une
&checkout[shipping_adress][address2]=Adresse ligne deux


But it only fills the email, city and zip; The others fields are staying empty

What else could I do ?




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Shopify does not allow you to send the checkout to some other link unless it is integrated at backend (through an app for example)

It does not allow changing the checkout page also (unless you are on Shopify plus plan)

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