Shopify Fulfillment is Fundamentally Flawed + Solution.

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I wanted to share a fundamental issue with Shopify fulfillment that I have noticed from the begin and has never been fixed.

I hold most of my product at Amazon FBA warehouses, I link them to my Shopify to keep track of inventory and to fulfill with Amazon FBA when purchased on my Shopify website.

I have signed up for Amazon Export but unfortunately, my product is not eligible for Amazon to ship internationally, which is not a problem because we ship international orders in-house ourselves.

The problem is with the Shopify fulfillment flow. I have set my Shopify to "manually fulfill orders". But when an international customer orders my product, I am forced to send the order to Amazon FBA for fulfillment. Which is not good, hopefully the order will not go through on Amazon's side and it will fail fulfillment. (or else two items will be shipped.)

Here is the current flow and a better-designed solution that just makes sense.


  1. Click "Fulfill order".
  2. Enter international tracking number.
  3. Click "Fulfill".
  4. Order is automatically sent to Amazon.
  5. Click "Mark as fulfilled" on the final page.
  6. (Hope Amazon does not somehow actually fulfill the order.)
  7. (Constantly watch Amazon for the order and cancel it just in case.)


  1. Click "Fulfill order".
  2. Enter tracking number.
  3. Give options to "Request Fulfillment" or "Mark as fulfilled".
  4. If "Request Fulfillment" is clicked it will send the order to Amazon like usual. (or whatever fulfillment you have set up.)
  5. If "Mark as fulfilled" is clicked it will bypass Amazon (or other fulfillment services) and let you manually fulfill the order. (by marking it as fulfilled and sending the customer the usual notifications, etc...
  6. Add a button on the last page to "Request Fulfillment" in case you clicked "Mark as fulfilled" and still need to send the request to your fulfillment service.

Very simple, the mark as fulfilled button currently in Shopify needs to be moved, it is on the last page and needs to be placed sooner in the flow, this is what "manually fulfill orders" should also do.

I have noticed others with this issue as well and the only solution I have seen offered is 

  1. Sign up for Amazon Export (which is very limited to eligible products)
  2. Sign up for international Amazon accounts (which is not supported in Shopify without paid apps + the cost of sending to international Amazon warehouses, customs, VAT numbers, etc does not make sense for most people) or
  3. Pay for some app like ship station and do all fulfillment through there. 

None of these are real solutions, what I provided is something that would actually fix the problem, it would not be difficult to do and would provide much more flexibility with fulfilling with Shopify.

Thank you for reading, and I hope my solution is seriously considered and implemented.



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Hi Steve,

Nick here from Shopify!

Thanks for your post and explaining how it would benefit you moving forward. You have explained it in great detail which is really helpful when providing feedback for our development teams. By knowing why and how this can make a change for store owners such as yourself, it really helps them put the solution in place.

I will pass this over to the team on your behalf.

All the best,


Nick | Community Moderator @ Shopify
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Hi Nick,

I was wondering if there's any progress on the issue.

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I agree with your proposed solution, but I've never had an issue with this. I just ignore the "request to amazon" since it's international they won't fulfill it anyway (the Amazon MCF program will not fulfill international).


I wrote the exact steps I use (with screenshots) here: (the section "Create a system for international orders").


In a couple years using this system we've never once had an issue with the order being fulfilled... on the contrary, I WISH they would fulfill it 😃


It would be nice though for Shopify to allow you to prevent "sending to Amazon" for other situations, so +1 on that 👍


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