Shopify Negative Payout Balance

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I found out that my payout balance was negative ($594.20) after a fraud customer submitted a chargeback. After looking through the order timeline, I realised that the fraudulent customer placed an order ($12,019) and $11,585.82 would be added into my next payout. Because of the chargeback, it was stated on the timeline that $12,180.82 would be deducted from my next payout due to the chargeback. This is appalling. Below are my questions.


1) Why is $12,180.82 (more than the price of the product) deducted from my next payout?

2) Due to the failed order, shouldn't Shopify return their cut of the pie as well? Why am I the one paying the $594.20?


I hope to seek clarifications on this matter. Thank you!

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Same problem here. How did you solve? Did you have to pay something?