Shopify No Longer Allowing Me to Use Shopify Payments

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My store is relatively new, spent a lot of time and effort incorporating a legitimate business, getting a U.S. resale and tax certificate, researching suppliers with MAP policy, figuring out Google Merchant Center, perfecting product listings, and running paid Google Shopping ads.  Started to make some sales after a lot of work, and was extremely pleased.  Out of the blue I get an email from Shopify asking for business information, and that I could no longer use Shopify Payments as my Payment Gateway due to the results of the investigation.  When I asked for what the investigation found I was told they don't release that information for privacy reasons.

I have a few thoughts about this as I have read through several threads where people have this same issue.  Firstly, what a punch to the gut for someone that has been jobbing it and trying to build a brand to find that the way they collect money is no longer an option.  I get that there are other payment gateways, but it takes time to reset your gateway, setup the new one, run tests, and remove badges from the previous one.

The next thought is this so-called investigation that they conduct, which took less than two hours (not much of an investigation) to find that my store is too risky.  To address the risk aspect, I sell name brand kitchen knives that I have a signed supplier agreement with.  I'm not sure what the risk is there.  I also provided my incorporation paperwork, my U.S. tax ID, as well as my state resale and tax certificate; but, still no on using the gateway. 

The most ridiculous aspect is that they tell you the decision is final, will never be overturned, their banking partners made the decision, and they will not tell you what they found that made them make that decision.  Honestly, I don't think there is any real investigation at all, and that some Shopify so called guru flips a coin and condemns your site based on heads or tails.  

The big question is:  Why wouldn't you tell the business owner what is so risky about their store?  What possible negative for anyone involved would there possibly be?  A business owner is concerned about risks that your company assessed and wants to fix them, and that's a bad thing?

Honestly, it pisses me off that a company wouldn't release this information, and it seems very fishy to me.  For those out there that are having the same issue, please comment below as I believe I have found a legal route to get answers on this topic.  I believe the Fair Credit Act applies here, and that a financial decision made by a company based on an investigation has to be released to the consumer.  I'm genning up a demand letter that I am more than happy to share with others in this situation.  I work in an organization that has an entire legal section of attorneys that deal with international law, which I will be asking about this at some point this week.  Shopify HQ is in Canada, so not sure U.S. law applies, but possible since they are conducting business in the U.S.

Note to Shopify:  I don't want to see your standard "we will be happy to help you set up another payment gateway blah blah blah" response.  In fact, no response is required as this is for the business owners that have had the same issue.  I'm on Amazon Payments now, and would rather give them the 2.9%.