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Looking for advice on Shopify Pay.

We currently use PayPal, rather than Shopify Pay as we like to be able to ship out pieces on the same day, because Shopify Pay takes 4 days (we're in the UK) to credit to our bank, we're reluctant to use it.
However we are interested in saving transaction charges which we incur by not using it.
Can anyone advise whether they use Shopify Pay and still send pieces out before money has actually credited?
Our products are fairly high value (we're an antique jewellers) and we're concerned about chargebacks etc...


Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

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Hi there,

I’ve worked in a company using Shopify pay selling custom furniture that shipped the same day with aov’s of $2-4000 orders without hesitation.

I can recommend you look into companies that offer a fraud protection for some percent of each order and will pay you the payment regardless of there was a chargeback.

Hope this helps. Best of luck to you!
Jay Friedmann | Developer @ Swiss Media
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