Shopify Payment Fees and 3rd Party Providers

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The 2% fee is outrageous! Given the amount that one decent store pays just with the 2% is enough to maintain the entire ecosystem of 3RD Party integrations. As sellers we pay a monthly fee which should cover all those expenses you listed above, if it doesn't raise that, by charging us 2% you essentially become a partner not a service provider. I just learned that i am paying 2% on top of all of my transactions for a year now. Why i did not go with Shopify Payments? Because i have a health related website and you declined to service my business. I am very very upset.

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For Reference, other web site platforms, do NOT charge additional fees if you choose to not use their built in processing.  

It's highly unethical, predatory, and another reason shopify will be one of the first things to cut this year.  

So that everyone is not being deceived by Shopify Support's "rationale" for having an added fee, lets consider the following:

- 3rd Party integrations are coded, updated and maintained by the 3rd party.  It is in the 3rd party's best interest to provide working and maintained integrations.  

- Very small work effort is required by any technical resource at shopify, to verify working code and working 3rd party processing integrations

- Shopify will charge between .5% and 2.0 % per transaction, on TOP of the 3rd party processing fees, yet there is no processing, no payment gateway, no actual function that is occurring for each and any transaction.  

So why does Shopify feel they are entitled to a transaction fee on every transaction, when they arent doing anything?

- Manipulating customers to use their own payment processing, (which is actually uses STRIPE as the payment processor), which brings effortless profit to their wallet. 

- Taking advantage of Shopify customers who are already live and embedded in their current website platform (changing platforms can be challenging and requires learning curve). 

- Greed



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Very unfortunate that Shopify does not all 3rd Party processing integrations. We had many clients that we

boarded on Shopify Plus and Shopify POS but many have left to use Big Commerce and other integrated POS 

because they provide much more 3rd party flexibility on payments. Its a huge issue for high volume, more enterprise, merchants.


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When companies like Shopify lose their focus, the founders sell or move on, or the passion for their business fades, its the beginning of the end.  

Just a suggestion, consider looking elsewhere and save yourself the time and headache of having to migrate later...