Shopify Payments - Can I get the bank 'Authorisation Code' for customer orders?

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I'm in the process of starting up a Shopify store to replace my ageing shop built on a custom system. 


Until now I've been using SagePay as a card processor. Their back end gives me all sorts of information about the transaction which is very useful when checking the veracity of international orders. 


In particular, I can see the 'Authorisation Code' created by the card issuer. This is a 6-digit alphanumeric code (or 2 digits for AMEX) which is randomly generated and assigned to any transaction. In physical stores, it's usually printed on the receipt. 


I often use this if I'm unsure about an order from an international customer. Asking them to obtain it is a pretty good way of seeing if they're legitimate or not. 


Unfortunately, I can't find a way to view it from the details shown in the back end of Shopify. There's plenty of info regarding location, IP address, post/ZIP code match etc., but not this one specific piece of information. 


Does anyone know if it can be obtained?

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Hey, @Jebbo1987


Taking a look into the information that is offered when an order is placed, I don't see a 6 digit code that would connect with the "authorization code" you're referring to. Here are a few things that I can see: 


  • Authorization Key
  • Payments Charge
  • Order Transaction 

To provide some context, on every order that is placed, it would run through our Fraud Analysis tool that will help determine whether or not an order has a higher probability of receiving a chargeback or not. While every order placed online is subject to a chargeback, this tool can indicate whether the order is low, medium, or high risk which will outline the variables that were reviewed when the order is submitted. Using this tool alongside our Fraud Prevention document can greatly help reduce the chances of chargebacks from being placed against your store. 


May I ask how you would use the authorization code to check whether an order is legitimate or not? Is this through an online tool that can cross reference the credit card information?

Peter | Social Care @ Shopify
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