Shopify Payments - Currency based on Location?

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I've switched to Shopify Payments and just configured multiple currencies, with a storefront currency selector. It works great!


However, I'm wondering whether the currency will be set automatically for example for United Kingdom users or not.

It would be nice if the currency is selected automatically based on the customers location, but I don't know how to test this ;-)


Thanks in advance.

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This can be achieved via following apps only.


Hope it helps!

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Hi there! For auto currency selection, here is one solution worth checking out: Geo Targetly.


At your store, when the currency is changed, it adds a query parameter to the URL, for example, or


With Geo Targetly solutions, especially, its particular tool: Geo Redirect, it can auto detect your visitors' locations using IPs, and redirect them to the correct currency using the URL parameter. Thus, if your visitor is from UK, and he goes to, it will auto take him to


The tool is easy to set within a few steps. You don't need to code. It will generate Javascript code accordingly for you to add to your website.


Hope it helps!