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Is there any plans to roll out shopify payments to Mexico ?

I know it's powered by Stripe who are in preview here.

Without it , it costs almost 5% to process a card payment. For a new business that's a lot :(



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Hi, Luke!

I’m Melissa, a Shopify Guru. Thanks for posting. I can definitely understand that is a lot for every order processed through your store. Currently, Shopify Payments is not available in Mexico.

There is no current ETA on this, but I will definitely send your feedback to our development team! If we do make a release, we will post about it here: so keep an eye out! 

Hope this information helps! You can reach out to the Guru team  if you have any questions.

Have a great day!

Melissa | Shopify Guru

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Any updates on this? Stripe is now fully supported in Mexico, and as a merchant I want the advantages of Shopify Payments in my store.

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