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One of our shopify stores was flagged for high risk products; I believe anti-aging beauty products, some gold nuggets and some native american pottery we were selling and we are trying to get it re-instated by removing these products but haven't heard anything back from the shopify payments team for quite awhile.


Is there a way we can escalate this process or talk to someone who can help us?  ticket# 14169524


We are also heavily invested in the shopify pos system in quite a few brick and mortar stores, but without being able to accept credit cards at one of them it is putting a kink in our business and we are worried about our other stores also using shopify payments and the shopify pos.


Are there any alternatives/other gateway or workarounds to using shopify payments that will work with our shopify pos?


Does anyone have any recommendations for other gateways that have card readers we could use as an alternative for now. -ring up sales using shopify pos and then charge through another gateway?


And does anyone know how hard it would be or have any recommendations to transfer thousands of products in our online and physical inventories to another sales platform like woocommerce, etc?



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Hi @potalapalace,


Nick here from Shopify. 


Thanks for sharing your ticket no. The ticket is already in motion with someone from the team who works with situations like you are in. I will send a reminder and let them know you are asking about a follow up on the Community. 


Can I ask you where you are located regarding your POS question? I can then share some of the available gateways where you are located. Can you also elaborate a little more about what you mean, please? Do you mean the POS works and you can accept credit cards at several stores but one is not letting you for some reason? 


Looking forward to hearing from you. 


All the best, Nick

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The POS for the Potala Palace is in Silver City, New Mexico USA. The
pos is working fine and we can charge credit cards ok, but they are holding
our payments and we need them for operations.

We have 12 other physical stores throughout New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado
and Texas that are all using Shopify and the Shopify POS system linked to
Shopify Payments.

So far everything has been working fine in all stores, but if Shopify can
randomly step in and hold our payments, it does raise a major red flag, or
if we can't get this store back online through shopify payments soon, we
are going to have to find some form of alternative.

We researched many pos fully before starting with Shopify and were assured
that the products we carry would be fine, Mainly fashions, beauty
products, art, jewelry, etc.

This Silver City store does do a lot of consignments for others and I think
this is where we may be having issues by trying to add inventory to the pos
and not just listing it directly to ebay, though it would be nice to be
able to have all of our inventory in one system.

Anything you can do to help would be appreciated.

Thanky you.
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Well, here's what we get for complaining:


'We have found you are currently selling a product, or products, that we cannot continue supporting through this gateway. This is captured in our Shopify Payments Terms of Service, Section B.5Please note that while you will no longer be permitted to use Shopify Payments as your payment gateway, this does not affect your use of Shopify, which you can continue to use.'


So in other words our entire pos system has been shot.


You can rest assured that we will never use shopify again and will let everyone we know about this.