Shopify Payments Payments Being Held on Orders from Dealers / Distributors / Customers

We recently came over from BigCommerce after being with them for several years. We have been in the Satellite Radio business for almost 20 years and so the move was based on recommendations with hopes of building a stronger online presence. We have quickly started to second guess the move...


We are a product manufacturer so many of our orders are placed by dealers or distributors who resell our products. We also sell to many large corporations and government entities. Often orders will be placed by the corporate office and shipped to the branch location or even to the installation site.


Even though the fraud analysis shows that everything checked out for our orders the order is flagged as fraud and funds held. We understand that Shopify Payments is supported by Stripe but when we run the same transactions in our own Stripe account the fraud filters do not flag the order as fraud. Something is not matching up...


We have conversed with Shopify Payments folks but we cannot seem to get a solid answer as to why this is happening  and how to fix this issue. We can't continue to do business with every other order having held funds.


We aren't looking for the same copy paste from policies or corp speak. We need real answers to find a real solution. This is basically like we started over 20 years ago and have to prove ourselves to Shopify Payments. The best solution would be if Shopify allowed sellers to use their own Stripe accounts.


If any one has any ideas or help it would be greatly appreciated.

Matt Moffett
Sales Manager
Pixel Technologies, Inc.